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Optical fiber photoelectric industry
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Total solution
Optical fiber photoelectric industry overall solution

       Haoke (Shanghai) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. provides the overall solution of environmental protection and energy saving supporting projects for optical fiber, photoelectric and other industries that use vapor deposition process production。For its supporting 1) dry dust recovery and pneumatic conveying, 2) waste gas absorption treatment and reuse, 3) waste acid treatment and reuse,4) Etching pickling tank and chemical media distribution system,5) Environmental protection and energy saving equipment such as waste heat utilization,Good Technology provides the complete system design, manufacturing, construction and operation and maintenance work。

Good technology gas deposition process environmental protection and energy saving comprehensive solution

Process section

Supporting technology

Supporting equipment


VAD/OVD vapor deposition

Dry dust removal + 

Bag dust collector



Evaporative cooling tower

Hydrochloric acid recovery +

HCl absorption tower

回收盐酸浓度 >15%wt

Tail gas lye absorption

Lye absorption tower


PCVD/MCVD vapor deposition

Wet dust removal +

Spray dust collector

Chlorine absorption

Chlorine gas absorption tower


Octomethylsilane vapor deposition

Dry dust removal +

Bag dust collector

SS304 Stainless steel

Waste heat recovery

Heat pipe exchanger


Dust treatment

Positive pressure thin phase pneumatic conveying

Feeder fluidizer

Bunker equipment

Fiber drawing

Organic waste gas adsorption

Activated carbon fiber filter cartridge

Activated carbon adsorption chamber

Prefabricated rod etching

Hydrofluoric acid etching +

Etch groove

Vertical, horizontal;Rotating roller

Chemical dispensing box

Hydrofluoric acid and other chemical agents added

Hydrogen fluoride absorption +

HF absorber

Horizontal and vertical packed towers

Fluorinated waste acid treatment

Waste acid treatment system

Neutralization precipitation method [F-]排放<10mg/L

Zero discharge of wastewater

Dilute hydrochloric acid concentration

Evaporative concentrator


Absorption evaporation

Multi-effect evaporation, MVR

NaCl crystal

Fluorinated waste liquid

Reactive evaporation system

High purity NaF crystal by-product

Optical fiber photoelectric industry
Overall solution project case