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ORC industrial low temperature
Waste heat power generation
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Waste heat power generation
ORC industrial low temperature waste heat power generation

I. Overview: 

       In the production process of steel, chemical industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, cement and other industrial fields, a large number of waste heat resources will be generated, including hot water, hot gas, sensible heat radiation and so on。At present, the waste heat from high pressure or high temperature has been fully utilized。A large number of low-temperature waste heat resources (below 250℃, low pressure or normal pressure) are not fully utilized due to the lack of effective technical means, or can only produce low-grade recovery (such as hot water, etc.).。Most of the working parameters of traditional waste heat power generation technology are high parameters and large capacity, which cannot use this part of relatively dispersed but huge amount of low temperature waste heat energy。 

       ORC (Organic working medium Rankine Cycle) low temperature waste heat power generation system can achieve waste heat recovery and power generation with the lowest waste heat resource temperature as low as 80℃,This is not possible with conventional power generation technology (conventional power generation usually requires a heat source temperature above 300~350 ° C).,Thus, the utilization range of waste heat resources that can be recovered for power generation is greatly expanded,It provides effective technical means and equipment for the recovery of low temperature waste heat resources in steel, chemical industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, cement and other industries。 

Second, ORC organic Rankine cycle power generation system 

       ORC organic working medium Rankine cycle, that is, in the traditional Rankine cycle, organic working medium is used instead of water to produce steam and promote the expansion machine to do work。

Low pressure liquid organic working medium has lower condensation temperature, such as n-butane, isobutane, R245fa, R142b, etc., which can produce higher pressure steam at lower temperatures。The temperature of waste heat is 80~250℃, and the form of waste heat includes flue gas, steam and hot water。

       The liquid organic working medium is supercharged by the organic working medium pump and enters the evaporator to absorb heat and change into high temperature and high pressure vapor.The high temperature and high pressure organic working fluid vapor then drives the turbine to do work,Generate electrical output,Simultaneous decompression of organic working medium steam;The low-pressure steam at the turbine's exit enters the condenser,Heat is released to a low temperature heat source and condensed into a liquid state,Complete a cycle。

The evaporator can use low-temperature waste heat to directly evaporate, or use the intermediate hot water generated by it (about 150 ° C) to evaporate the organic working medium。

FIG. 1 Schematic diagram of ORC cycle power generation process 

Third, good technology industrial low temperature waste heat power generation solutions 

       Haoke (Shanghai) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. cooperates with European energy companies to provide ORC low-temperature waste heat power generation systems to industrial users in China, as well as customizing more cost-effective domestic construction and operation solutions for users。

        Our company and European energy company research, design, development and integration of ORC turbine and low temperature heat source power generation system (100kW~5MW)。Specializing in the field of industrial low-temperature waste heat power generation, and to provide users with a full range of operation maintenance and operation monitoring services。 Energy in EuropeThe ORC unit of the LoireValley smelter built by the company in France won the 6th AMI ADEME Total Industrial Award for its outstanding energy-saving performance。

       我司Energy in EuropeThe company cooperated with Baosteel to provide 3.The 0MW ORC generator set, which uses low temperature waste heat from the sintered ring cooler, has been put into operation to generate electricity。

Good science and technology supportEnergy in EuropeThe company's turbine technology and products provide domestic users with 5KW~5MW ORC integrated system, the internal efficiency can be as high as 85%, and the rated thermal load can run stably under the condition of 10%~120%。

FIG. 2 Computer simulation design of turbine 图3  1.5MW ORC generator set图4 3.2MW ORC generator set    

3. Examples of performance

       For example, 10t/h of 180℃, 1MPa saturated steam has been unable to further power grid efficient use, and the use of ORC power generation system, can recover 6MW of waste heat, ORC system net power generation rate of 16%, net power generation is 0.96MW, 10kV grid-connected。

Calculated at 7200h net working time per year, it can generate 729 electricity per year.6万度。Shanghai peak hour (6 ~22) industrial electricity price 0.Calculated at 96 yuan/KWH, the annual net power generation is about 6.95 million。

       After deducting operating costs such as cooling water, maintenance and spare parts, the payback period of the project investment can be controlled within 3 years。System operation design life ≥15 years。

As a result, ORC power generation systems will generate higher returns for users。

ORC industrial low temperature
Waste heat power generation project case